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BY Amit Hai Cohen  Feat.JOJO | 30m, 2021

Music and lyrics by Amit Hai Cohen & JOJO

Visual Inspiration : Ken Goldman, Mounir Fatmi, Neta Elkayam

Production assistants : Aaron Paz, Haleluia Abehsera

Produced, Recorded, mixed, Filmed and Edited

at ESTWANAT HAI by Amit Hai Cohen



A musical cinema project which raises questions about historical justice, ethics and faith in the time of a pandemic, through the enigmatic persona known as JOJO. At the heart of the project lie a series of songs -electronic-messianic sound and critical and apocalyptic texts. This is a chaotic oeuvre merging Trap with ancient Amazigh Piyyutim, Jewish spoken word with hip-hop and electronic beats, video clips with documentary scenes and performance art, continuing the artistic line of Amit Hai Cohen's work, known for amalgamating visual and musical mediums and genres into a single world.

"To Box with God" presents an intergenerational link between two artists of Jewish-Moroccan extraction, working both in Jerusalem's underground as well as on international circuits. It's a deep dive into their shared world.




boxing with god - live on Jerusalem’s buildings. 

Shaon Hoerf Festival, Jerusalem 2021


An interview about 'to box with God' and more

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